2018 - Senior Safety App

Year: 2018

5 Things to Do for a Parent with Dementia

5 Things to Do for a Parent with Dementia

Dementia means so much more than just lapses in memory—it also entails a progressive decline in a patient’s mental abilities, which ultimately impacts their capacity to care for themselves and their basic needs. If you have a parent who is showing early signs of dementia or related conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, getting additional care and…

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Senior emergency button

Senior emergency button free app for android phones

Senior Safety App includes a free, simple senior emergency button that enables round robin calling to all configured emergency contacts. The button sends out an email to all emergency contacts with a link to the current location of the device. Seniors and the elderly are prone to falling victim to online scams and fraudulent activities….

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Emergency Alarm App

Why Elders Should Lean on an Emergency Alarm App

Technology is allowing people to age with dignity right in their own homes while reassuring families that their elderly loved ones are always safe and secure. Emergency alarm apps are particularly useful in this regard. Below are just some of the many reasons why seniors and their families can benefit from technologies that provide emergency…

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