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Watch our Video 2019-10-31 Senior Safety App includes a way for seniors to reach caregivers quickly, the round-robin calling feature calls all the emergency numbers one by one when needed.

Immediately know when your elderly loved ones are in trouble, 24/7.

Senior Safety App is a FREE, unobtrusive app built to keep seniors safe. Senior Safety App remotely monitors phone location and is used to protect against falls, wandering, online scams & abuse around the clock. Senior Safety App is built on a platform used by hundreds of thousands of users, across 97 countries, to keep their loved ones safe.

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Senior Safety App is recommended by health professionals worldwide.

Every day, more seniors are using smartphones to stay in touch with their family and connect with the world.

Download and install Senior Safety Alert app for free from the Google Play Store. The Senior Safety App can be configured in seconds, enabling caregivers to monitor alerts, reports, and location remotely using their smart phones or computers. When the Senior Safety App is active you will receive alerts for emergency help requests, falls with the phone, phone inactivity for extended period of time, app installs or uninstalls, entry/exit from geo-locations (buildings, streets, cities or neighborhoods), network changes (sim card change), and low battery alerts. New features are being added all the time. Touted as the best senior emergency alert app, it is a life-saving addition to a senior’s care plan.

Senior Safety App for Androids

Simple. Easy. Powerful.

24/7 Location Monitoring

Easy access to device location from any smart device or computer. Browse on the Google map with details like direction and speed.

Alert Multiple People

With the SOS feature, seniors can quickly request help when they need it. Clicking this option sends text-alerts to multiple people, notifying them of the phone’s current location. A round robin call option keeps calling all emergency contacts one after another until connected.

Automatic Fall Alerts

This feature uses the phone’s built-in motion sensors to track movement, and automatically sends out alerts in case of a fall, sudden jerk or incapacitation. Adjust sensitivity of the fall tracker to match the user's lifestyle.

Prevent Wandering

Keep sufferers of dementia from wandering away from home with the Zone Alert. Configure a custom geo-fence (like a home, Neighborhood, or town) and receive an alert when the device leaves or enters that area.

Inactivity Alerts

Receive alerts when the phone has been immobile for an extended period of time which can be customized based on individual lifestyle. These inactivity alerts are an essential feature for seniors who live alone.

Low Battery Alert

For many seniors, their phone is the only contact with the outside world. Thus, keeping it charged is essential. Configure when you want to get alerts based on battery availability.

Emergency health information

HIPAA Compliant repository of emergency health information that would be crucial during a contingency. This includes doctors information, drugs in use and conditions too.

High Ambient Noise Alert

Loud noises can create a stressful situation for a senior. This alert tells you if the phone has been in a overly noisy environment for a significant period of time.

Locations visited history

History of the locations visited is important to ensure the senior is getting adequate exercise or making timely doctor visits. It can track unexpected travel as well.

The Senior Safety App is one of the most effective safety apps designed for seniors on the market today.

SOS emergency contacts, emergency alarm and secure health information collection are free. Additional features are included with a monthly or annual subscription. You will receive a 20% discount on the annual subscription. This activity tracker for seniors has received numerous excellence awards from media houses and app review sites. The app was designed on the popular Easy logger platform being used by over a million users worldwide to track employees, vehicles, spouses, children, and more. All subscriptions come with guided installation. Email us at [email protected] with questions.

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