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Senior emergency button

Senior Safety App includes a free, simple senior emergency button that enables round robin calling to all configured emergency contacts. The button sends out an email to all emergency contacts with a link to the current location of the device.

The emergency alert button is always available from the running apps list, a senior can send out an emergency alert within seconds.

Seniors and the elderly are prone to falling victim to online scams and fraudulent activities. Their naivete and lack of experience in how the web works can make them easy targets for scammers and unscrupulous online characters who want to take advantage of unwitting victims. Seniors are far less tech savvy than the young digital natives who have not seen a day without technology in their lives. While a vast majority of older adults are able to connect online, their inexperience in handling online communication and their trusting nature puts them at risk for hacks and scams. The good news is, that the Senior Safety App includes a scammer and fraud prevention system that enables a caretaker to review their online communication logs.

The latest fall alert systems or medical alert apps for seniors are no longer just useful in tracking older people’s physical safety and whereabouts. An advanced senior alert system can also be equipped with features that can efficiently log your loved one’s mobile phone activities and provide you with a detailed report of their usage. By monitoring their phone applications and programs they use, you are able to analyze their online activities. You can then make sure that they are not getting involved in anything risky or that they are not revealing their personal information to the wrong people.

Installing a safety app on your elderly loved one’s mobile phone will not only keep you updated on their physical movements and alert you of potential physical dangers, but also keep you posted on their mobile and online activities, thus helping you shield them from the hazards of dealing with dodgy characters online. A senior alert system is an excellent tool to help your elderly loved ones gain more independence as they live alone while protecting them from possible dangers posed by the modern world.

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