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Elderly tracker app

Seniors now live better, healthier, and longer lives, thanks to advanced healthcare and a greater awareness of healthful lifestyle choices. But, this independence comes with a price that puts their health and safety at high risk, especially when they have reduced physical strength and cognitive abilities. Also, when their homes are not being adapted for the needs of the less mobile and the memory impaired, elders face the risk of wandering off to unfamiliar places or getting into accidents when they insist on driving themselves around.  

With news about seniors falling over in their own homes or facing medical emergencies in the absence of help or meeting road accidents,  relatives and caregivers grow increasingly concerned about their elderly loved ones’ safety.  The children of elderly parents cannot help but worry about the safety and wellbeing of their loved ones—especially those who choose to live independently. Since children or caregivers can’t be around all the time to watch over their needs and security, a smart senior tracker comes handy.

Caregivers have found peace of mind in a smart senior tracker – Senior Safety App. Smart technology such as GPS tracker, inactivity tracker, fall alert, SOS alert, location monitoring with Geo-fence alerts has caregivers life much simpler; and at the same time allows seniors to age in the comfort of their own home, and maintain their pride and dignity as they enter their later years.

When the time comes, cell phone monitoring helps you to strike a balance between remotely taking care of your loved ones and keeping up with your busy life.

Senior Safety App helps monitor your ageing friends or parents, whether they are at home or on long walks or playing golf. They help to track activity, or even inactivity – in their home, keep a track on falls and provide real-time location tracking. With SOS Alert, it lets loved ones ask for urgent help in a case of emergency. It offers a non-intrusive technology to safely monitor your loved ones while they go about their everyday life.

This app brings an unparalleled level of functionality, ease of use, and the capability to extend care for your loved ones. The GPS enabled personal tracker lets you track your loved one and at the same time receive updates directly on your smartphone or computer.

As our elders have become more and more tech-savvy, cell phone monitoring ensures that seniors can age with dignity in their own home and also reassure their near ones about their safety and security.

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