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Medical alert for seniorsSenior homes have gotten more and more popular over the years. Despite the growing numbers of senior care facilities, however, most of our elderly loved ones still would rather age in a place surrounded by the people they love in an environment they are familiar with. They would much rather spend the remaining years of their life in the comfort of their home. This independence comes with a price—one that puts their safety at risk especially when they have reduced physical and cognitive abilities. In addition to their regular homes not being adapted for the needs of the less mobile and the memory impaired, seniors also run the risk of wandering off to unfamiliar places or getting into accidents when they insist on driving themselves around. This is where senior tracking device units and medical alert for seniors come handy.

When seniors insist on their independence, it pays having tools to help you monitor their movements and alert you for when emergencies occur. Senior Safety App is an excellent example of a senior tracking device that doubles as medical alert for seniors, which can raise an alarm should there be emergencies involving your elderly loved one. This particular smartphone application can very easily be downloaded and installed onto your senior loved one’s device so they can have an easy-access panic button whenever facing an emergency. The app even features fall alerts which works using the phone’s sensor and can be configured at certain levels of sensitivity, depending on your loved one’s lifestyle so as to minimize false alarms.

Another major feature of the Senior Safety App is its geo-fencing alerts, which allow you to set safe parameters or geo-fences around areas where your elderly loved one spends their time the most. This is to help you monitor whenever they would wander off ‘safe zones’ and make it easier to locate your senior when they do get lost and confused, which is fairly common in seniors with memory loss problems.

Seniors require a medical alert and tracking for their general safety, comfort, and privacy, as well as your peace of mind. As your aging loved ones desire to live out their life in the comfort and privacy of their own home, you want to keep them safe with the help of modern technology that will help them keep their independence while making sure that they are safe and out of harms way all the time.

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