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Monitoring the Elderly Using GPS Trackers

As a person enters the senior threshold, they become more susceptible to memory-related issues from simple lapses to more serious problems like Alzheimer’ disease. Those who suffer from memory loss due to such dementia-related conditions tend to become easily disoriented and confused, even when it comes to places they’ve always been familiar with. Most of them find it extremely challenging to adjust to completely new environments, setting them into an even more dangerous panicked state.

Memory-related problems can also lead to wandering, which can lead to many problems, especially for a driving senior. This is where GPS tracker for seniors becomes a necessity. Having the technology to secure your elderly loved one’s whereabouts even when they are only starting to show signs of memory loss or gaps in their ability to retain new information is a smart way of taking precaution, should they begin wandering off due to dementia or become confused even by familiar places.

A GPS tracker for seniors is one of the modern world’s greatest inventions. These real-time GPS devices can be real life-savers for when your senior parent or grandparent wanders beyond their regular route as you get to monitor their movements and even set geo-locations to watch over their comings and goings to and from different places they frequent.

A good case study for a feature-packed GPS tracker for seniors is Senior Safety App, an Android application that can be used to monitor your elderly loved one’s location and even watch over their phone activity. Perhaps one of the most useful features of this senior app is its ability to track your loved one’s whereabouts in real time and to set geo-fences or geo-locations by way of streets, neighborhoods, cities, and even buildings that your elders frequent.

Other useful features of the Senior Safety App besides the GPS tracker and geo-fence include:

  1. Emergency help requests with an easy click SOS button that allows users to quickly call for help, and
  2. Inactivity and fall alerts that will send you notifications should the app detect inactivity for a certain period of time which is customizable or a fall through the built-in motion sensors on the user’s phone.
  3. Low battery alerts so that you can remind your senior to charge their phone and stay connected at all times.

A GPS tracker for seniors is a useful tool to keep the elderly—especially those suffering from memory conditions—from wandering away from home without being detected, making it easier to locate them should they get lost and confused in familiar and unfamiliar places alike.

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