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GPS tracker for seniors

Here’s a sad reality: Many seniors become victims of abuse because their family has no way to monitor their whereabouts and activities. Many people have lost their life savings due to online scams and frauds.

Do you want to protect your elderly parent or loved one from such abuses and financial fraud? Then it’s time to look for a GPS tracker for seniors that is easy to use. Contrary to what you might think, the costs of safe alert technologies for seniors is actually affordable. There is no need for fancy gadgets because the best safety alert for seniors are apps that can be installed on almost any smartphone. These GPS trackers for seniors can immediately let you know if your loved ones are in trouble. They also give you the power to remotely monitor your loved ones phone location 24/7, so you can protect them against abuse and online scams. Below are just some of the useful features you can expect:

Logs for App Usage

Seniors are particularly susceptible to scams and abusive solicitations by swindlers. Millions of dollars are stolen yearly from unsuspecting elders who are fooled into believing that the criminal they are talking to is putting their money into a profitable investment. By downloading a Senior Safety App, you can monitor app usage activities of your elderly loved ones and watch out for anything suspicious so you can put an end to it right away before matters escalate.

SOS Alerts

This feature provides seniors with a quick and very easy way to shout for ‘help.’ It automatically sends you a text message and/or email, which can be cancelled within 10 seconds if the request was made accidentally. All SOS messages reveal the phone’s real-time location so you can respond quickly.

Fall Alerts

Do you often worry that your elderly parent might trip and fall without any way of asking for help? Then it’s time to use an app that tracks falls and immediately informs you if your help is needed. To minimize false alerts, fall trackers are configurable in different sensitivities depending on the senior’s regular activities and overall lifestyle. The fall alert can also be cancelled within the first few seconds in case of accidental activation, for e.g., accidental slippage of the phone from hand.

Geo-Fence Alerts

GPS tracker for seniors provides location monitoring so you know exactly where your loved ones are at all times. Get an app that will send you an alert whenever the phone leaves a certain geographical area—such as a specific neighborhood, street, etc. These trackers can also be used to keep tabs on an elderly user’s whereabouts, letting you know how many times he or she visits certain places and allowing you to monitor whether your loved one regularly goes to the doctor, for example. Even speed, bearing, and elevation can be tracked, and location histories can be downloaded.

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