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It is a fact of life that as we get older, our minds and bodies will get weaker. This makes it a higher probability that seniors will suffer from some form of dementia. Although people who are younger can develop dementia, it is seen much more often in adults over the age of 65.

There are many devastating symptoms associated with dementia, but getting lost is probably one of the scariest and worst ones. In these situations, a senior gps tracker can literally be a life saver.

What is dementia and how often does it occur?

It is currently estimated that about 5.8 million people in the United States have Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. According to statistics, dementia is the leading cause of death for women in Australia. The Alzheimer’s Association states that by 2050 the number of people with Alzheimer’s may reach up to 12.7 million people if no solution is found to prevent or slow this condition.

A common misconception is that dementia is a single form disease. The truth, however, is that it is a medical condition that connects many disorders associated with the loss of cognitive functioning into one group. Patients who suffer with dementia often:

  • Experience sudden changes in mood and behavior
  • Experience memory loss beyond what is associated with aging
  • Have difficulty completing simple tasks
  • Become confused by social interactions
  • Suffer from hallucinations
  • Have difficulty reading or writing

As with any disease, symptoms can vary between individuals. If your senior loved one is exhibiting any of these symptoms it is a good idea to speak with a doctor. Because of the negative consequences of mental decline, most patients will need assistance to live and function normally in the safest way possible. A senior tracking device is a powerful tool for keeping your loved one safe at all times.

GPS Trackers Can Help Dementia Patients and Their Families

Getting lost is a common occurrence for patients with dementia. They tend to get lost easily, which can put them in danger or result in an accident. A gps tracker for elderly loved ones is one of the most simple and least time consuming ways to help someone dear to you who is suffering from dementia. A senior gps tracker reduces the risk of danger by tracking the person’s location as well as:

Helps relieve the stress on family members and caregivers
A gps tracker for seniors gives those who care for dementia patients the peace of mind knowing they can easily monitor their loved ones whereabouts and activity, even when they can’t be there physically.

Helps prolong the life of a dementia patient
A senior tracking device is a vital tool for ensuring the safety of senior dementia patients by sending alerts when they may be in danger or heading into a dangerous situation, thereby prolonging the life of your loved one.

Helps the dementia patient with navigation
A gps tracker for elderly loved ones who are suffering with dementia can help with orientation by reminding them of where they are if they forget or become confused.

Sends notifications when leaving the safe zone
Doctors recommend setting up a safe zone for dementia patients to avoid harming themselves when unsupervised. If they leave the safe zone, you will be notified with their location immediately.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a GPS Tracker App

There are quite a few GPS tracker apps available on the market, but not all are created equal. In order for a GPS tracker to work effectively for patients with dementia, it must include the following features:

Quick and easy SOS alert
Quick access gets seniors the attention they need without precious time being wasted. SOS messages must be sent out with the real-time location to help you reach the device user quickly. It should also include a ‘sound alarm’ feature that raises a maximum volume alarm with an easy option to call the emergency contacts.

Fall tracker
The GPS tracker app should include a fall tracker that can be easily configured at high, medium or low sensitivity, thus customizing the tracking engine to the user’s lifestyle and minimizing false alerts.


Location monitoring with Geo-fence alerts
The GPS tracker app should give you the ability to keep a tab on how many times the device user visited a certain address and track both the route and speed of the user. It should monitor the location of the device 24/7 along with speed, elevation, and bearing.


Inactivity Tracker
The GPS tracker app should alert you if the user’s phone remains inactive for a long period of time. Every alert should be sent with the device location so that help can be sent quickly.


Low Battery Alert
The most common reason for a phone to be offline is the battery running out. You should be able to easily configure the GPS tracker app to send you an alert if the battery is close to dying. This feature should also help seniors find their devices when they are lost.


Location tracking & history
Knowing where your loved ones are 24/7 is a great relief. The GPS tracker app should have a simple icon on the map that shows where your loved ones are at all times.


Dangerous situations alert
You should have the option to easily configure the acceptable level of G-force based on your senior’s lifestyle to get an alert when this is exceeded. Just knowing when your loved one could be in a dangerous situation can be very useful in trying to keep them safe from high risk activities. This has proven to be very useful when seniors choose to drive independently.

Why Senior Safety App is the Best GPS Tracker App For Dementia Patients

Senior Safety App is a FREE, unobtrusive app built to keep seniors safe. Senior Safety App remotely monitors phone location and is used to protect against falls, wandering, online scams & abuse around the clock. Senior Safety App is built on a platform used by hundreds of thousands of users, across 97 countries, to keep their loved ones safe.

The Senior Safety App can be configured in seconds, enabling caregivers to monitor alerts, reports, and location remotely using their smartphones or computers. When the Senior Safety App is active you will receive alerts for emergency help requests, falls with the phone, phone inactivity for extended period of time, app installs or uninstalls, entry/exit from geo-locations (buildings, streets, cities or neighborhoods), network changes (sim card change), and low battery alerts. New features are being added all the time. Touted as the best senior emergency alert app, it is a life-saving addition to a senior’s care plan.