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Senior Safety App

While seniors tend to prefer living alone and maintaining the independence, living on their own at an advanced age can pose serious threats to their safety and overall well-being. Fortunately, there are ways to keep them safe from harm even as they choose to enjoy life independently. Below are simple and practical safety tips for aging people who want to continue living alone for as long as they can:

Perhaps one of the biggest dangers for seniors living alone is physical injury from slips and falls, especially when immediate help isn’t available. When accidents happen and there is no one around to help a senior get back on his or her feet, a simple bump in the head can quickly turn into a life-threatening condition. This is why it is critical for them to stay in good health so as to avoid slips and falls. Maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise and even getting involved in health groups are all great ways to keep healthy and maintain an active social life, which can constantly check upon their wellbeing. An emergency alert system for seniors can provide the same benefit, allowing caregivers and adult children to keep an eye on their elderly even while away.

With a free phone tracker app, caregivers for the elderly can monitor an older person’s activities, while providing alerts about their whereabouts as well as life-threatening conditions and incidents. A senior alert system can be configured to detect impact from slips and falls as well as from vehicular accidents, which can be extremely beneficial when trying to keep seniors safe from injury. With an alert system, help can be on its way immediately, preventing minor slips and falls from becoming a life-threatening situation.

When in the market for the best senior alert system and safety app for your loved one, look for practical features that can truly help you care for your senior. Some features and options you should look for include:

(1) an SOS set-up that can be configured to send you alerts and notifications should emergencies occur

(2) fall alerts that will send you alarm warnings should your loved one experience a fall or a significant impact while driving

(3) geofence zone alerts that will inform you when your loved one enters or leaves a pre-configured geo-boundary

(4) phone activity tracker to help you detect inactivity and/or suspicious activities from your loved one’s mobile phone.

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