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Over 70% of elderly have no desire to live anywhere but their own home and remain independent. Inevitably, those responsible for their seniors always experience a degree of uncertainty about the wellbeing of their family, not clear when and how they need to intervene. Now, Senior Safety App, a new smartphone app that allows users to monitor your loved ones remotely, assures to allay such concerns.

Why you need Senior Safety App?
When your loved ones are suffering from stressful medical conditions such as Alzheimer or Dementia, it can prove to be dangerous when they become disoriented and wander out of their designated safe zones, especially in the event of the advancement of their medical condition. There are several cases when older adults go outside and lose their way back home due to memory loss.

Also, with the increasing episodes of frauds in the cyber world targeting the elders, there is a rising concern to accurately track the online activities of seniors to thwart any suspicious activity. Seniors are also exposed to fraudulent phone scammers, who cheat to get money or personal information (credit card numbers, social security numbers) out of them.

Not to forget that seniors become less attentive with ageing and might not remember the location of their phone or if it is stolen. Also, at the same time, there remains a chance of a phone robbery for identity theft.

How can Senior Safety App help you?
You cannot be with the senior members of your family all the time and not knowing what is happening while you are away can add to your anxiety and worry. Senior Safety App helps you with the following:

  • Seniors can send an SOS alert if they need urgent help,
  • Carefully track falls and slips so you can help your loved ones in a case of an accident. (Easily configured at high, medium, or low sensitivity as per the lifestyle of your loved one with the option to cancel false alerts).
  • Geofence alerts to keep a tab on how many times the device user visited or exited a specific address (works to ensure that your loved ones regularly attend their GPs, PTs, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle),
  • Highly-accurate location tracking so that you can find out their exact real-time location through your mobile phone remotely
  • Customisable inactivity alert to point out if something is amiss,
  • App usage logs so you have all the information regarding the new apps that are downloaded or deleted, and time spent on such apps

Senior Safety App lets you do all this, and so much more!

Using senior monitoring device can surely give you a peace of mind that you are near to your family members. It eases your life and life of your elderly parents, letting you live or travel stress-free, knowing that you near ones are safe and sound. Also, Senior Safety App is very affordable, and with both free and pro version, Senior Safety App makes the safety of your family the priority.

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