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5 Ways the Transportation Industry Should Be Using Digital Signage

How to Discuss a Senior Alert System with Elderly Parents

A senior alert system can be a beneficial addition to an elderly loved one’s care structure. When someone can’t always be there to watch over senior relatives, a GPS tracker for elderly lets you keep an eye on them at all times and even alerts you of potential dangers. Despite the many benefits of these…

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Safe alert for seniors

Help Seniors with Fall Tracker Alert System – Safety Senior App

Seniors staying home alone can be dangerous. Their safety, medication punctuality, emergency situations need to be taken care of else these situations could fling the lives of their caretakers into chaos disturbing their peace. Amongst the more popular app-based safe alert systems for seniors is the Senior Safety app which is preferred for its strong…

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Senior emergency button

Senior emergency button free app for android phones

Senior Safety App includes a free, simple senior emergency button that enables round robin calling to all configured emergency contacts. The button sends out an email to all emergency contacts with a link to the current location of the device. Seniors and the elderly are prone to falling victim to online scams and fraudulent activities….

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Medical alert app Enables Elderly Parents to Stay Mobile

Medical Alert Apps Enable Elderly Parents to Stay Mobile

When given the choice, most seniors prefer to live in their own homes and retain their independence, instead of living in a nursing center where they are constantly watched over. Fortunately for adult children who want to keep an eye on their aging parents, there are senior alert system apps. This technology can give them…

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SOS Alert

Senior Alert System Setup

Quick and Easy way to request help & raise alarm The SOS feature includes 2 options. The request help feature sends out a text message and email to the configured emergency contacts. The sound alarm feature raises a maximum volume alarm with an easy option to call the emergency contacts. Quick access to help gets...
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Senior GPS Tracker App

Bridge the distance gap with your senior using a senior GPS tracker

Aging loved ones often need extra care and attention especially when they are starting to develop lapses in memory and judgment. Before senior alert systems, the only option to keep seniors secure and thoroughly cared for was assisted living. Unless you can provide ongoing care or afford a professional in-home care service, assisted living used…

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