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Emergency button for seniorsWhen you have a senior family member living alone, you live in constant worry that something bad or untoward might befall them in their independence. With news about seniors meeting accidents in their own homes or enduring medical emergencies in the absence of help, relatives and caregivers grow increasingly concerned about the health and wellbeing of their elderly loved ones. This is especially true because research shows that a significant number of people are unable to call for help in such situations. Fortunately today, there are ways that you can protect your elders from being left unattended during emergencies. By subscribing to a senior alert system or equipping your elderly with Senior Safety App in their mobile phone, they can have quick and easy access to emergency help when they need it. An emergency button for seniors is the perfect solution for elderly people who want to stay independent and at the same time stay safe and protected in times when they might need assistance or medical help.

Traditional medical alert systems typically come in the form of an emergency button for seniors, which they can wear around their necks as pendants or around their wrist as easy-access bracelets. These devices typically feature in-built touch buttons, which, when pressed sends emergency signals to monitoring units or directly to their loved one’s phones so help can be sent as needed. A modern version of senior alert system come in the form of mobile apps such as the Senior Safety App, which includes a range of useful features and services that can be extremely valuable in helping seniors lead a fuller and more independent lifestyle despite their medical or health condition. 

In addition to being an emergency alert button for seniors, the Senior Safety App features a list of functions like fall alerts, which help track seniors’ movements and send fall alert signals to their emergency contacts in case the phone or the app detects a potential fall. The app can likewise send geo-fencing alerts so that elders who are prone to wandering can be constantly monitored when it comes to their whereabouts. By setting safe zones or parameters for your elderly loved one, the app can easily recognize whenever they step out of bounds and send you alerts so that you can check up on them in case they wander off track. The Senior Safety App also offers many other useful features such as inactivity tracking and low battery alerts for monitoring your elderly’s phone and online activities.

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