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Safety is an inexpensive insurance. A senior GPS tracker to monitor your loved ones while you are away is a must for your senior’s safety. Amongst the more popular app-based safe alert systems for seniors is the Senior Safety app which is preferred for its strong features and practical design. It is no small wonder then that over 1 million people across 97 countries are utilizing this app to free-up their worries.

There are multiple reasons why you should have a Senior GPS tracker on your phone. The benefits are manifold. No longer are you trapped in a position of not knowing their whereabouts at any given point in time. In fact, this app should be integral to every Senior’s life, allowing him to live the rest of his life independently, and in the knowledge he is well cared for.

Below is mentioned why the elderly need a GPS Tracker for their safety.

Alzheimer’s disease

Many aged people face Alzheimer’s disease as they advance in years, which can be dangerous as the patient tends to wander about due this memory-related disorder, which can result in serious injury and even death.

In the United States alone, an estimated 5.4 million individuals have Alzheimer’s disease. The rising statistics, which is set against a backdrop of a growing senior population, is urging caretakers to find ways to protect these patients.

GPS trackers for seniors is finding favor with them, as it can be successfully used for monitoring patients with Alzheimer.

Preventing Accidents & Responding to Emergencies

GPS trackers for Seniors is important to keep tabs on where your senior is heading. If he wanders outside the safe zone parameters you have set on the safety app, you can send out an immediate alert to all your contacts located in that vicinity.

There have been numerous tragic cases that have popped up in headlines about elderly people being involved in accidents, and preventing these tragedies from happening in the first place by adopting GPS technology will boost safety among elderly patients.

The app instantly alerts you to attend to any emergency requests from your loved ones. It will also notify you in case of possible falls, inactivity, and app activities, entry and exit from certain geo-locations (such as buildings or neighborhoods), SIM card and network changes, and low battery. With this Senior GPS tracking system monitoring, protecting and freeing up your loved one in their sunset years every single day, all the time, is possible.

Exposing Scams

Seniors have worked arduously to earn their savings. The sad part is that they can be very gullible and fall victim to online and text scams that could wipe away their savings, leaving them in much distress. Millions of dollars are stolen yearly from unsuspecting elders who are fooled into believing that the criminal they are talking to is putting their money into a profitable investment.`

With a Senior GPS tracker you can protect seniors from abuse and scams by monitoring their cell phone usage – app usage, watch out for anything suspicious so you can put an end to it right away before matters escalate. The Senior Safety App is built on a platform that is used by over 1 million users worldwide.

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In the Senior Safety app, the SOS emergency contact, emergency alarm are available free forever. For all other features either select a monthly or annual subscription and save 20%.

This app is the recipient of excellence awards by many media houses and app review sites. The app was designed on the popular Easy logger platform which is being used by over a million users worldwide to track employees, vehicles, spouses, kids and more. All subscriptions come with guided installation, email us at [email protected] for questions.

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