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Why do Seniors need monitoring?Technology in its all-permeating manner has embraced the senior section of society as well. Thanks to mobile devices user-friendly interfaces, senior citizens and their families constitute a quickly growing demographic for functional apps that can improve their quality of life. For instance, GPS trackers for seniors are being utilized by older citizens whether living alone or in assisted facilities, to live a more productive life and stay in good health while allowing caretakers to monitor them remotely and come to their aid in case of any emergency situations.

You can monitor your senior’s physician visits

One compelling benefit of a senior monitoring device like the Safety Senior App is that it allows you to monitor if your elderly loved ones are missing out on appointments with their physicians. You will receive alerts whenever he or she enters or leaves specific geographical areas that are assigned to the app—such as the neighborhood. The app also traces visits to certain addresses, as well as their speed and routes. Such useful data has many applications, showing you whether your loved one is getting enough exercise and is visiting the doctor as he should be. By revealing a 90-day location history, the app provides an overall picture of your senior’s physician visits.

You are alerted in case of a fall

Falling unexpectedly and receiving no timely help is a nightmare nobody should go through. The GPS tracker for seniors will inform the app owner when the device user needs help. The Fall Tracker can be configured at high, medium, or low sensitivity and the tracking engine can be customized to the users lifestyle so that false alerts are minimized. Fall alerts come to your email along with the current location of the device.

Safeguards against scams

Seniors easily fall prey to scams, abuse, and unnecessary solicitation by unsavory individuals from within the country and across the world. Millions of dollars are stolen yearly from unsuspecting elders who are fooled into believing that the criminal they are talking to is putting their money into a profitable investment.

A GPS tracker for seniors will do much to boost the morale of your loved one giving him the independence he craves and eradicating any signs of pity that unknowingly come his way. It will notify the caretaker of possible falls, inactivity, app activities, entry and exit from certain geo-locations (such as buildings or neighborhoods), SIM card and network changes, and low battery.

There is no reason not to install it. Go for it! Download the Senior Safety App today and enjoy the many benefits of GPS tracking for the elderly.

Installing this app is pretty simple. You can download it from Google Play or scan the QR code on the Senior Safety App website to initiate a download. In a next step, configure the app which will take only a few seconds. The app which is now yours can be customized to enable alerts to reach you the way you need it.

You decide how and when you want to receive the alerts.  You can provide an email ID so that you can access the cloud console. As opposed to other senior alert systems, the Senior Safety App works immediately. If you want to track your elderly loved ones phone 24/7, you can use the cloud console. To modify configurations, simply log on to the backend—you never need to access the user’s phone again.

Monitoring the Elderly Using GPS Trackers
Bridge the distance gap with your senior using a senior GPS tracker