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6 Ways to Keep Your Aging Parents Active and Engaged

Staying active and engaged is not only important for young people, it’s just as important for aging adults as well. Staying active is good for their physical health and helps seniors maintain good mental and emotional health. Multiple studies have found that older adults who remain active and engaged in retirement are much more likely to lead healthier, happier lives with less stress and worry.

When aging parents live away from their children and other family members, it becomes even more important that they find enjoyable activities to keep them productive and help reduce the worry that comes with being away from loved ones. When seniors live a sedentary lifestyle, they can begin to suffer from feelings of isolation and loneliness. Not having a strong support system can lead to increased depression and anxiety, and can even exacerbate dementia for some.

It’s vital to find activities that provide both physical and mental stimulation for aging adults and encourage them to incorporate them into their day-to-day routine.

Below are 6 Ways to Keep Your Aging Parents Active and Engaged

Outdoor walksOutdoor walks
Taking a walk outdoors is not a great way for seniors to maintain physical health, it also gives them the opportunity to interact with neighbors or other members of their community. Being outdoors, surrounded by nature can be naturally soothing to the soul.

Exercise programs for seniorsExercise programs for seniors
Many state and city parks offer community-based exercise programs. These programs encourage physical activity for seniors. They also provide opportunities for new friendships and an increased sense of bonding among senior adults.

Set up a coffee dateSet up a coffee date
Growing older in no way means you can no longer enjoy social activities. Spending quality time with family and friends is a great mental booster. Setting up coffee or lunch dates is a really great way to break up the monotony of everyday activity. Loneliness is one of the biggest issues facing aging adults.

Learn a new technologyLearn a new technology
There’s not much these days that can’t be done online, from shopping to streaming tv and movies to interacting through video calls and social media. Lots of older adults are unfamiliar with the internet or newer technology. Teaching them how to use these tools is a great way to boost their confidence and help them to feel accomplished. It’s also important to teach them of the dangers that can come with online activities, including scams. Adding a Senior monitoring device on their mobile phone will help you keep an eye on their online activities.

If your senior parents are in good health and want to continue some form of work, help them look for volunteer opportunities. It doesn’t need to be something fast-paced or hectic, just something to help pass the time. Volunteering at a local hospital, school or library is a good place to start.

Take up a hobbyTake up a hobby
Retirement is a great time to take up hobbies that may have been pushed to the back burner when your senior loved one was younger and busy with work and family life. Hobbies are the perfect way to express creativity that leads to a productive and happy life. Let your parents know that this is their time to have fun and do the things they’ve always wanted to do.

It’s important to encourage your aging loved ones to stay active and engaged. It’s also important to remember that as we age, our likelihood of trips and falls increases, so ensuring you are able to monitor their activities should be a priority. Senior Safety App provides Medical alert systems for seniors. It is an unobtrusive app built to keep seniors safe. Senior Safety App remotely monitors phone location and is used to protect against falls, wandering, online scams & abuse around the clock. Download it for FREE today!

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