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senior fall alert app

Slips and falls are a serious threat to health and well-being of your loved ones. A debilitating fall hampers the independence and is an obstacle to freedom. Various medical conditions can cause falls and injuries that are life-threatening, making every minute in the period between the collapse and the emergency room crucial.

Every year, more than a million patients are taken to the emergency room with life-threatening injuries that includes head trauma, hip fractures, and spine injuries. More so, the unpredictable nature of most accidents often puts us in an anxious state. Constant monitoring of persons at risk for falls is the first step in protecting your loved ones.

In the wake of such events, there has been increased interest in bringing fall detection to detect slips and falls automatically and get help for geriatric patients as quickly as possible.They have become a necessity to keep your elderly and loved ones safe and well cared.

Mobile phones are a basic necessity that everyone owns and always carries in person. Due to this, a phone-based app for the well being of our seniors is the need of the hour. Senior Safety App is considered to be one of the best fall safety app that provides accurate senior fall alert.

This nifty app detects falls and sends alerts to all the contacts that are programmed into the device. With the sensitivity feature (high, medium, and low sensitivity), the detection can be customised depending on the lifestyle of the user ensuring that the falls are accurately detected and accurately notified. GPS tracker gives you the exact real-time location of the place of the fall, enabling you to reach or send help immediately. The application is specially designed for use on the Android phone.

We have gone to painstaking length to eliminate false alarms when the device is worn when driving, during strenuous physical activities, or when carrying on daily activities of everyday life. By correcting the algorithms, we have been able to minimize detection of non-fall incidents and maximise detection of real falls – assuring you about the safety of your family members.

Furthermore, in case the alert is false (eg.accidental slippage of the phone) the alert can be cancelled within a few seconds of activation.

In addition to detecting falls and sending you alerts in real time, Senior Safety App also provides location monitoring with Geofence alerts, SOS alert, Inactivity Alert, Low Battery Alert, and a complete report.

Senior Safety App is the most efficient and affordable solution to gain potentially lifesaving capabilities from the fall detection system because it uses an Android smartphone. For $4.50 for the app, the price of a pizza, the fall safety app informs, alerts, secures, and guides you through life-threatening situations.

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