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It breaks your heart to see that your parents or grandparents are taken advantage of by online scammers. They are often targeted by scammers because if the truth may be said, they are usually not as tech savvy as their younger counterparts.

Today, the vast majority of older adults are using the internet to connect to life as it unfolds online. They want to see pictures on Instagram or Facebook, or pay bills online, or probably seek medical advice on Google, or just send you an email to ask about your wellbeing. But all the time spend online puts them at risk for scams and hacks.

What makes the elderly attractive for cyber-criminals:

  • Their tendency to trust even strangers.
  • Their excellent credit score and loan history.
  • The lack of knowledge about the latest hacking scams and tools.
  • The tendency to get attracted to newer things and products.
  • The fact that older adults are often ashamed to disclose that they are scammed, because of the fear that their family might think less of them.
  • Having very easy passwords that are easy to hack and as they are less likely to change their passwords or settings.

Consider this:

  • A recent study suggests that every year 1 in 18 older Americans are targeted for financial frauds and scams, and this excludes senior who have been financially abused by friends and relatives.
  • The annual economic loss by victims of elder financial abuse is estimated to be almost 3 billion dollars annually.

So, what can we do to protect our loved ones from scoundrels lurking around every corner of the internet?

It’s a good idea to install a Senior Safety App that can log all the activities on the mobile phones of your loved ones and send you a detailed report to your emails.

This text message tracking app also comes with great features that come with internet usage, app download usage, log calls, and Geofence alert – so you remain aware of daily updates of your loved ones and go about your everyday life without stressing about the safety of your dear ones. Even if your parents or grandparents are in their own home or sheltered accommodation and you are far away from them, a GPS and Geofence tracker will allow you to have a closer connection with them while providing an independent lifestyle.

Scammers will always use technology against you, but it’s time to get smart, outsmart them, and not fall for their malicious schemes. It pays to keep your mobile protected – so that your loved ones can stay safe.

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