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Forgetfulness is part of aging, our elderly loved ones are not exempt from this fact of life. If you are worried that your senior parents may suddenly wander off or get lost or disorientated, it may be time to buy them a personal GPS tracker for elderly people.

You don’t necessarily need to purchase a dedicated senior tracking device. If your parents already have smartphones and know how to use them, then all you need is an app. Simply download the Senior Safety App and configure it based on your preferences. This revolutionary app comes with geo-fencing and GPS features that let you see exactly where your elderly loved ones are at any time. For just $45 a year, you can keep an eye on your parents and sleep soundly knowing that they can reach you with a touch of a button should there be an emergency. This personal GPS tracker for elderly people even comes bundled with extra features such as fall alerts, inactivity trackers, and many more.

GPS technology is widely used in medical alert services and can be extremely helpful for families who want to track the whereabouts of their elderly loved ones without restraining their freedom or hindering them from their routines. It can give you a peace of mind knowing that your parents are safe. It also frees you from having to call or monitor them constantly—which they may find irritating at some point. With a senior GPS tracker, your parents can enjoy an independent lifestyle while having the security of getting immediate assistance when needed.

Senior Safety AppAre you wondering why your parents aren’t home yet by the time they’re expected to arrive? Simply use the app to see their exact location.  You can use a senior tracking device or app to quickly locate a wandering member of your family any time of the day—which can be particularly useful for locating senior citizens who may be at risk of memory conditions. What’s more, GPS goes beyond just location-finding. The app can also be configured to send you alerts whenever it senses that the phone has gone outside the predetermined safe zone.

It’s normal to worry about your elderly parents’ safety because you cannot be with them 24/7. Fortunately, technology can lessen this problem. Download the Senior Safety App today and enjoy the many benefits of GPS tracking for the elderly.
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