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Senior alert system

The Senior Safety App is amongst the most popular app based senior alert systems with fall alert and because of its robust features and easy-to-use design over 1 million users use the app in 97 countries. The app allows you to receive alerts for any emergency requests from your elderly loved ones so you can keep an eye on them even if you are far away. It also sends you notifications for possible falls, inactivity, and app activities, entry and exit from certain geo-locations (such as buildings or neighborhoods), SIM card and network changes, and low battery, to name a few. The developers are continuing to add new features to make the Senior Safety App even more useful. If you want to be able to monitor your elderly parents 24/7 and ensure that they are alright, this app is for you.

Alert Screen Settings

Installation is simple. Just download the app from Google Play or scan the QR code on the Senior Safety App website to initiate a download. Next, configure the app—a process that only take a few seconds. You can customize the alerts you want to receive, decide how and when you want to receive them, etc. Don’t forget to provide an email to access the cloud console and see logs. You can use the same email for multiple devices.

Once this is done, you are ready to receive alerts and reports. Unlike other senior alert systems, the Senior Safety App works immediately. You can expect daily or weekly tracking logs (depending on your preferences). Alerts and notifications come in whenever conditions are met. If you want to track your elderly loved one’s phone 24/7, you can use the cloud console. To modify configurations, simply log on to the backend—you never need to access the user’s phone again.

What really makes the Senior Safety App a standout from other senior alert systems is its online control panel. This powerful system lets you analyze your senior loved one’s app utility. You have complete control of the settings, so you can immediately change log configurations and hide (or unhide) unhide the app on the user’s phone. All information can be filtered, searched, sorted, and exported if you want to analyze them.

The Senior Safety App also provides 24/7 live location tracking so that you can ensure the safety of the elderly user. It even has a fall alert system for seniors to allow them to call for help immediately. Pricing is affordable and everything is easy to use. Try it today!

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