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Safety tips for seniorsAs the aging population grows, the number of older adults insisting on living independently is also increasing, leaving adult children constantly worried about the health, safety, and wellbeing of their elderly loved ones. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to keep an eye on seniors, thanks to cell phone monitoring and other devices that prove useful in keeping track of their activities, whereabouts, as well as their safety. Here are different things you can do and precautions you can take to help keep your seniors safe and well, wherever they are. Some of them are listed here:

  1.  At home, keep emergency numbers handy. Write them down in large print and keep them in places that are easily accessible or within the reach of the nearest phone line. Put emergency numbers in their speed dial for easy one-touch access to help. In addition to 911, list down the numbers for poison control, their healthcare provider’s office, as well as family members and friends that they can call in case of emergency.
  2.  Many accidents involving the elderly revolve around preventable slips and falls. Clear out their paths around the house and consider assistive devices like walkers or canes, especially when they have difficulty with balance or are frequently having fall incidents. A senior fall alert app might likewise be useful in these cases. Senior Safety App is an excellent example of a complete senior care and activity tracker app that can alert you in case of slip and fall accidents and similar emergencies.
  3. An activity tracker for seniors may likewise be useful in monitoring not only the whereabouts but also the online and phone activities of your elderly loved one. Seniors are usual targets of many phishing scams and other malicious activities designed to extort unsuspecting elders. By installing an activity tracker in your elderly loved one’s phone, you can monitor their activities and detect any unusual occurrences, potentially averting online attacks on them.
  4. Safety-proof their home with rails, banisters, and other such devices. Do away with slippery rugs that can only cause accidents and protect against fire-related dangers by replacing old appliances and installing the right alarm and detector systems. Prevent poisoning by ensuring proper maintenance of potentially hazardous appliances and home systems and making sure that all their medications are kept in their right containers to avoid mix-ups.

Technology is a modern man’s friend, and innovations like the Senior Safety App can be extremely useful in ensuring your loved one’s safety and overall wellbeing. Try it free today.

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