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Emergency Button for SeniorsSeniors nowadays are living better, healthier, and longer lives, thanks to advanced healthcare as well as a greater awareness of good lifestyle choices especially when it comes to diet and healthy activities. Nevertheless, children of elderly parents cannot help but worry about the welfare of their loved ones—especially senior moms and dads who choose to live independently. Since you can’t be around all the time to watch over their needs and their safety, it pays to invest in senior emergency alert systems and safety applications designed to help monitor the welfare of seniors. Senior alert apps can serve as an emergency button for seniors so they can call for help whenever their safety or wellbeing is in peril.

Senior Safety App is a good example of a comprehensive senior emergency alert system that is equipped with practical functions and features that allow seniors to request help and raise alarm so that their emergency contacts will know when they are in danger or are facing an emergency. The Senior Safety App features a fall alert function that helps track potential falls and notifies emergency contacts in case an accident is detected or when their loved one hits the emergency button. For seniors, having an emergency alert system is a great alternative to giving up their independence. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider an emergency alert system for your elderly loved ones: 
  • Fall alert systems help save lives. Did you know that 50% of elderly fall victims are unable to get up without assistance even when they are uninjured? This is because even a simple fall can leave them immobilized. Injured fallers, on the other hand, have a much higher chance of survival when help is sent immediately.
  • One in three adults over the age of 65 has a tendency to experience falling accidents and almost 50% of seniors over 80 years of age fall every year. An emergency alert button for seniors can be extremely helpful not only in terms of calling for help but also in detecting falls so help can be on their way immediately, even when seniors are left immobilized by the accident.
  • Assisted living and home care can be extremely expensive. A senior safety alert system is a practical alternative especially when your elderly loved one would much rather stay at home.
  • Emergency alert systems do more than just detect falls. Senior Safety App, for instance, offers location monitoring, among many other features like inactivity tracking, low battery alerts, as well as app usage logs, and many other useful functions.
  • Fall and emergency alert systems are proven to work very effectively in today’s fast-paced world. In fact, thousands of seniors each month get much-needed assistance with the help of their emergency alert button.
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