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SOS device for seniorsSeniors often find it frustrating to learn a new technology, but they need to upgrade themselves especially if they insist on living independently. Knowing how to use certain gadgets is absolutely necessary if they are adamant about living on their own or want to thrive in a community of other active seniors. Here are some pieces of modern technology that you can recommend to your senior parents, relatives, or loved ones—all of which can be used to help keep them safe without taking away their independence:

  1. Smartphones – If your seniors are yet to make the switch to a smartphone, it is high time to transition them to a device that can help them stay in touch with you easily while offering more functionality with a swipe or tap of a finger. Another great thing about smartphones is that you can install tracking and safety apps on them to help you monitor the wellbeing of your seniors.
  2. Senior Safety App – A good example of a mobile app designed for elderly parents or relatives is the Senior Safety App, which offers a long list of safety functions. This app turns any phone, tablet, or other compatible devices into an SOS device for seniors, providing them with a panic button of-sorts whenever they are in potential danger.
  3. GPS trackers – A GPS tracking device for seniors is also a crucial piece of technology that elderly people should have at all times, especially those experiencing memory problems or are prone to wandering and losing their way.
  4. Wireless internet – Wireless internet connectivity is necessary so that seniors can maximize the use of their smart devices. They need to know how to turn it on and keep it on.
  5. Home monitoring – A good home monitoring system can allow concerned children and relatives to keep a watchful eye on their elderly loved ones wherever they may be.
  6. Health tracking apps – There are also applications that are designed to help track senior’s health and provide alerts whenever certain health thresholds are not met (or when potential dangers loom).
  7. Assistive devices – Home assistive devices like sensor-enabled lighting and other smart devices can likewise be helpful to seniors, especially those with reduced mobility.
  8. Gaming devices –No longer are gaming devices just for the young and tech savvy. Video and computer games can help seniors exercise hand-eye coordination and keep their minds active.
  9. Hearing aids – For seniors with reduced hearing, these devices can help improve their ability to recognize sounds and make them more audible.
  10. Senior alert system – Senior alert systems that combine functionalities like an SOS device for seniors and tracking device for seniors are extremely useful for keeping seniors safe and out of harm’s way.
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